Why e-bike?

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What is an Electric Bike?

An electric-bike (e-bike) is a regular bike equipped with gears, an electric motor and a battery. It’s also called “pedal assisted”.
When you pedal, the engine detects the movement and activates itself, giving you a boost. The boost can be regulated the whole time with an easy controller placed on the handlebar. The e-bike is a vehicle that allows you to ride smoothly on flat land and then “pulls you up” when you ride uphill. Which, in a city like Barcelona, is very convenient.

Enjoy Barcelona in a E-way!

Our  e-bikes are the most appropriate and innovative way to enjoy all the marvels of Barcelona with respect for the environment. With the innovative pedal-assisted bikes, you can either spend an easy and relaxing day enjoying the beauty of the city from within or take an in-depth tour of the city and surrounding countryside, with the option to use the electric engine as you like.
It’s a real experience to cycle in Barcelona alongside its inhabitants and its visitors, discovering the city in a relaxed way, having fun and respecting the environment at the rhythm of a bike! Enjoy Barcelona on two wheels and discover the best of this lovely city!


It's easy to use

Unless you are an experienced rider, you will find the hills of Barcelona quite challenging. Places like Park Güell or Montjuïc are incredible, with splendid views, but they are located on top of the hills and not close to the center! The e-bikes will let you reach these places easily without breaking a sweat.

It’s fun: the e-bike effect

We call it “the e-bike effect” and it’s the smile on the face of whoever tries the electric bike for the first time. The Staff at the shop like to see it, and it always happens!

It's a great social activity

Using an electric bike is a super fun social activity. It gets you out and moving in the fresh air, it makes you feel light, and it’s an experience that’s great to share with your partner, friends, family or group.

It's perfect with babies

If you come with your baby the e-bike is definitely a good option to see more and stroll around the city. Bring your kid safely and effortlessly thanks to the robust and powerful e-bike. And it will make your children laugh!

It's for all riders

You don’t need to be an expert rider. As long as you remember how to ride a bike you can go on an e-bike!

It’s for all ages

Young people will enjoy the new experience of the electric boost, and older folks will like it because it’s safe and easy to use.

It’s for all body types.

If you are fit you will enjoy pedaling further, and if you are more on the “homebody side” you will enjoy the assistance of the electric engine.

It's an energy saver

Under the Barcelona summer sun, it’s quite easy to run out of physical energy during the day. You want to visit the city, see everything you can see, but at night time you might feel too tired to go try that restaurant you read about. This is not the case with the e-bike! Enjoy the breeze on your face and all the energy you saved for all your activities.

It's good for your fitness

A common misconception about the e-bike is that you don’t have to pedal. Well, that would be called scooter, wouldn’t it?
The e-bike requires that you pedal, just like with a regular bike, but the engine will help you move, giving you a smooth and very enjoyable extra power, without taking away the pleasure of exercising. With half the amount of time and effort we guarantee you will see more and enjoy the double.

It's green

We all agree that it’s necessary to reduce our carbon footprints in our lives and feel better with the environment.
The e-bike is a good opportunity to do that while on holiday.
When planning your trip, consider choosing an electric bike instead of motorized private transportation.You will discover much more and will actively contribute to a better, sustainable life style.

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