About our booked activities

Comfortable clothes suitable for the weather. In Barcelona the weather is always nice, but in winter it gets a little chilly. In summer, all you need is sun lotion, sun glasses and water. We don’t recommend flip-flops.

In Barcelona it doesn’t rain very often, fortunately. But in the case you arrive on those days, we provide free rain coats. In case of heavy rain, if you booked a tour it will be rescheduled when possible.

It is possible to cancel the activity till 48 hrs before without any cost.
The cancelation of the activity between 48 hrs and 24 hrs before has a cost of the 50% of the total cost agreed. The 50% will be given back.
The cancelation of the activity in the last 24 hours will be completely charged. As well no discount shall apply if any of the people who agreed to form part of the tour should fail to appear at the departure point.
In the case of hard rain we evaluate with the guide the option of taking a walking tour of equivalent value or delay the bike tour waiting for better conditions (if possible).

About the electric bikes

Yes. The e-bike is a bike than can bring you uphill with very little effort but you still have to pedal. You can enjoy bike riding and in the meantime save your energy for your visit in Barcelona!

Very safe. The engine will not take you to speed you can’t control.
You can control the power easily and, if anything were to happen, you can switch it off in a snap. Plus, the breaks are connected to the engine so you won’t get any surprise boost when you need to stop.

No driving license or permit is required to ride an e-bike or any other kind of bicycle we rent at our shop.

The battery has enough capacity for you to enjoy a spectacular all-day-long ride in Barcelona. But if it runs out of juice do not worry. The e-bike is a normal bike when the motor is off.

About cycling in Barcelona

Barcelona is the one of the most bike friendly city of Southern Europe. There are more then 200 km of bike lanes in the city and the City Council is working constantly to expand and improve this network.
Download here the map of Barcelona bike lanes here.

Cycling on the sidewalks is not permitted unless they are 5m wide (16,4 feet).

  • Cycling on the Ramblas is not permitted, it must be crossed on foot.
  • It's forbidden to go against traffic (of course!)
  • Responsible behavior: It’s important to pay close attention to other vehicles at all times. You must respect pedestrians and other bikers.
Yes, it’s possible to cycle in the parks except for the Park Güell.

About hiring a bike

For EUROPE CITIZENS: valid Identity Document (Passport, ID, or driving license).


The Document will be kept safely with us till the end of the rental time. As option, we agree in CASH/CREDIT CARD Deposit in the case is not possible to leave a Document.


If it is not possible to leave any documente, we may accept cash deposit OR credit card pre-authorization .

Yes. In that case you will be provided with a recharger. You can charge the battery at your hotel or apartment and it will be ready in four hours (more than 80% in just 1 hour).
OR, you can opt to stop by every day during your stay and we will be happy to give you a full recharged battery at any time.

In high season it’s very recommended. Sometimes we have large groups for tours and the risk to run out of bikes is real. You don’t want to miss the fun of the e-bike, do you?Go to Contacts

Yes, we provide top-security "Abus locks for the bikes.

Unfortunately, Barcelona, like many other big cities, is not a safe place when it comes to bikes. Nevertheless our locks are good enough to discourage any petty thief. We also offer bike parking for our Clients and a bike insurance can be purchased with the rental agreement..

Helmets are not required by the Barcelona street code, but yes, we provide helmets for children, young kids and adults included in the rental price.

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